2018 Performers

Imagine Circus shares circus magic at public and private events through innovative, collaborative, cirque-inspired performances. They transform every event into an unforgettable experience.  Their creative management team has more than a decade of experience producing shows and creating elaborate ambient entertainment. As the caliber of their performances has evolved, so has their desire to promote high quality acts and create next-level shows and events. The idea for Imagine Circus came as a logical next step to elevate the professionalism of performances, focusing on details including choreography, transitions, costuming, makeup, stage lighting, music, rigging safety, client experience, and performer growth. The three merged their previous production companies, AcroEntertainment and Flair in 2017 to create Imagine Circus. As performers, the trio has collaborated for over eight years, pushing the edge of circus talent in the Triangle area and expanding their influence beyond North Carolina, from Georgia to South Carolina to Tennessee to Virginia. By combining collaboration and cooperation, emphasizing innovation, fostering artistic growth, and creating a platform for self expression, Imagine Circus provides the highest quality cirque-style entertainment! 







Krista Hughes is a singer/songwriter who was known as the "Angel of Montogomery" as a contestant on Season 9 of NBC's The Voice. She was a member of Team Blake. Her unique style is blend of her country roots, folk, soul and just a touch of rock. Along with her fantastic 4 piece band, she performs a diverse selection, including styles from classic country to modern country to vintage rock, all with a modern progressive indie edge. The band also covers some modern female country, as well as other genres of music.



STARZ Performing Arts Academy is dedicated to the physical, mental, and artistic development of our students. The dedicated, creative faculty at SPAA has over 100 years of combined experience in the arts. It is our goal to help our students express themselves through the art of dance, while also teaching valuable life skills such as teamwork, commitment, leadership, and respect for others. We aim to provide a positive environment for your child to excell at achieving their goals, improving self-esteem and interacting socially in a professional arena. STARZ takes pride in offering the Two Virginias an exceptional program in performing arts education, and we think that you would be proud to be a part of our exciting, growing family. Please take a moment to browse our site and feel free to contact us with any questions. STARZ Performing Arts Academy is home to the Award Winning STARZ Competition Team, STARZ Apprentice Program, & STARZ en Pointe (Pre-professional Ballet Company). Our company dancers perform locally, compete at Regional & National Competitions, and have opportunities to audition for and study with some of the top Educators and Companies in the U.S.; such as American Ballet Theatre and Joffrey Ballet School.




The One Voice Project 

The One Voice Project is a group of passionate youth artists dedicated to using their music to make a positive impact on the world. They travel through schools, festivals and other events speaking out against bullying and spreading a message of kindness and love. A product of Stages Music School in downtown Princeton, these youngsters light up our neighborhood with their creativity and passion. 




The Change is a funk band from West Virginia. Their goal is to make a difference in the world with their music. They hope to connect to people around the world, with a message that there is hope. They seek to unite people. To set an example for others that there is light even in the dark times. To encourage others to stand up for what they believe in, and to encourage people to follow their dreams. They believe that together we have the power to make a Change. The girls are ambassadors for an organization called Free2Luv. Free2Luv is a national organization that promotes individuality, self acceptance, and equality. Look for great things from this determined group of young ladies.